Camper Fringe

Camper Fringe 2017

inside the nomad camper in the haas biergarten #camperfringe

This year, FringeArts welcomes you to Haas Biergarten to experience our camper in a new way!  Stop by during the Festival for our #camperfringe programs before or after your Fringe show for the evening!

The Blackmarket Bernadettes
By Applied Mechanics
Friday, Sept 8 – Saturday, Sept 9
The Blackmarket Bernadettes hawk $1 cookies and crackers with bawdy bravado. They flock in groups of 3-4 and coo like pigeons. They are all named Bernadette. Their clientele quickly learns that the cookie-and-cracker racket is a front for a black market operation which sells small, intimate performances. For $1-5 tips, Bernadettes will pull you aside, coo secrets into your ear, and initiate you into their illicit world of intimate art. For a larger fee, the Bernadettes offer a private initiation, only a Bernadette can know. But suffice to say, the Bernadettes are among you.

By Meg Cramer & Carl Adair
Saturday, Sept 16 from 3-4PM
Sunday, Sept 17 from 4-5PM
Tel-Choir is a group singing experience that anyone can participate in, one phone call at a time. Each time you call, you will be prompted to sing one note. (We will help you stay in tune!) At the end of the event, everyone’s contributions will be collected into one song–much like a bell choir, where each musician holds a tuned bell and chimes in one note at a time.
Part of MEGAPOLIS Audio Festival

Voicemail Poems
Facilitated by Amy Saul-Zerby
Thursday, Sept 14 – Saturday, Sept 16
Voicemail Poems is an intimate literary installation where Festival-goers will be invited to step into the camper for an interactive listening experience that will transport them back to the days of analog answering machines while allowing them to sample a carefully curated selection of spoken word.

This Info Will Change Your Life: Palm Reading Surprise
Performed by Mary McCool
Thursday, Sept 21 – Saturday, Sept 23
This deeply flawed but earnest narrator has great artistic and psycho-spiritual aspirations: to simply change your life for the better through performance. The message is: know thyself. It’s part $5 palm reading, part standup comedy, part performance installation.