FringeA-Thon 2018
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FringeA-Thon 2018

Presented by Penn Medicine


Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons
1001 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123 United States
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 Coming Saturday, June 16th 2018
12 noon–12 midnight

A day of dance for the city of Philadelphia!

Dance your “art” out at FringeA-thon,  epic outdoor, 12-hour dance party and fundraiser for FringeArts and the Philadelphia arts scene.

Create or Join a Fundraising Team

Be a hero to artists all over the city –
raise money while having a blast! 

FringeA-Thon isn’t just a fundraiser.  It’s an enormous party that celebrates the power of dance to unite people of all ages and backgrounds.  With Philly-favorite DJs spinning all day, an outrageous “dance mom” host, pop-up performances, dance demos, dance battles, games, giveaways, and many more surprises, FringeA-Thon is a day you’ll never forget.

Express your inner dancer.

There’s no wrong way to move at FringeA-Thon. From Bollywood to freestyle to standing back and watching the magic happen, there’s a million ways to support the arts at FringeA-Thon.

Bond with friends, family, or coworkers.

You’re not in it alone! Start a team with your posse and build memories that will last forever on the FringeA-Thon dance floor.

Get your kids involved with the arts.

FringeA-Thon is a multigenerational event – in 2017, the team that raised the most money by FringeArts was led by a 14 year old! Teach your kids the value of stewarding the arts in their community in the most fun way possible.

Reach fitness milestones.

Dance builds good cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and improves flexibility, balance, and stamina.  Just spending the day at FringeA-Thon means that you could walk (or dance) up to 29,000 steps – the equivalent of 13 miles!

Be a champion for FringeArts.

FringeArts gives a platform to thousands of artists every year – and you can make that continued work possible.

What is FringeArts?

FringeArts is Philadelphia’s home for contemporary performance, presenting progressive, world-class art that expands the imagination and boldly defies expectation.  Our programming exposes audiences to genre-defying dance, theater, and music performances by accomplished and emerging innovators who push the boundaries of art-making and redefine the artistic landscape worldwide.

Each September, the organization presents the annual Fringe Festival, a 17-day celebration that fills the city’s neighborhoods with more that 1,000 curated and independently produced performances.  Year-round, FringeArts presents an equally compelling line up of performances at its historic home on the Delaware River Waterfront – a renovated fire department pumping station that also houses La Peg Restaurant & Bar and Haas Biergarten.

As a catalyst for cultural and community development, and a destination that brings artists and audiences together, FringeArts is central to the city’s vibrant arts community and the enrichment of the lives of those who live, work, and play here.

How does it work?

Easy!  Register by tapping the “Dance Your Art Out” button below to set up a personal fundraising page using the easy-to-follow prompts.  Then use our system to request small donations from your friends and family to keep the arts in Philadelphia vibrant.  On June 16th, you’ll come together with other people passionate about the arts to spotlight, celebrate and support the importance of FringeArts in the city of Philadelphia.  Dance for 12 hours, or dance for 2 hours.  There are no limits on how much or how little you dance, as long as you’re having fun.

What if I don’t like to dance?

No problem!  No one is going to make you, and there’s still plenty to get up to at FringeA-Thon.  There will be games, prizes, food, and lots of spectacular performances to watch.  And by the end, you might find your toe tapping after all.

Where does the money go?

FringeA-Thon facilitates grassroots support for FringeArts, as well as artists who are dancing to support their own work.  All money raised at FringeA-Thon goes directly to support art-making, from building sets to paying the artists that designed them.

Why is it important?

World-class cities need world-class culture.  As the producer of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, FringeArts impacts more artists in Philadelphia than any other organization – thousands every year.  Dancing at FringeA-Thon directly supports the contemporary art and artists that make Philadelphia great, and will help fill our community with daring artistic performances, international legends, and local pioneers.

How do I participate?  
It’s simple.  Just hit one of the buttons below and follow the guiding prompts!

What if I am an artist or nonprofit organization looking for fundraise my work as well?
FringeA-Thon supports all art-makers. Contact to learn more about creating a team and fundraising for your cause. All beneficiary partners must be in touch with FringeArts before setting up their fundraiser.

Fundraising Resources
More information coming soon!

Create or Join a Fundraising Team

Be a hero to artists all over the city –
raise money while having a blast! 

Tickets to attend FringeA-Thon without fundraising will be available in May.

Follow us as we reveal more details!

FringeArts thanks the 2018 FringeA-Thon sponsors!


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