It's So Learning
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It’s So Learning

The Berserker Residents

Have you blocked out your middle school of anxiety, dread, terror?


140 N. Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA
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“We ping both the absurdity of the educational system as well as the audience’s own memories of being students. When you open up that can of worms, the material to pull from and play with is boundless.” Justin Jain of The Beserker Residents

“Delightfully goofy.” The New York Times


Expect no pity here! Heads down, we’re taking attendance!

Welcome to The SimEdu Center, where you, the audience, will be tested, screened, and hung out to dry in preparation for your upcoming K–12 education. With the audience sitting in fifty child-sized classroom chairs and surrounded by black boards, It’s So Learning is a highly interactive and wild, comedic ride that guides you through the idiosyncratic absurdities of the nation’s school system. Pencils down, idiots!

$20 general / $14 member
$15 student and 25-and-under

FringeArts Theater

75 minutes

Note: Audiences are moved about and asked to speak throughout the show. Please wear comfortable shoes. Prepare to leave bags (including purses) at the free baggage check. The show will accommodate any physical restrictions, please call FringeArts at 215.413.1318 to let us know your needs so the show can ensure you get the full classroom nightmare experience.

Creators–Performers Dawn Falato, Justin Jain, David Johnson, Lee Minora, Bradley K. Wrenn

Outside-eye Direction Adrienne Mackey

Photos: Kate Raines

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