O Monsters Screening
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O Monsters Screening

New Paradise Laboratories

Companion piece to this year’s Hello Blackout!


The Drake – Proscenium Theater
302 South Hicks Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102 United States
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Catch up on the whole story of the Kissimmee family in Hello Blackout! by attending the O Monsters film screenings. Hello Blackout! occurs in a very distant past, while O Monsters occurs in a strange alternative present time.

A monster without knowing it.

In a mansion made of numbers lives the Kissimmee family, far from the concerns of those who lead normal, non-mathematical lives. The Kissimmee triplets live under the watchful eye of Moth – perhaps their mother, perhaps something else. Moth rules the household using an arcane poem, an equation that prevents the house from collapsing on top of them. They are monsters who don’t know they are monstrous. Mutation sneaks up on them.

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Created by New Paradise Laboratories Conceived by Whit MacLaughlin and Bhob Rainey Direction and Choreography Whit MacLaughlin Composer Bhob Rainey Set Matt Saunders Lights Maria Shaplin Costumes Rosemarie McKelvey Performers Kate Czajkowski, Emilie Krause, Kevin Meehan, Matteo Scammell

About New Paradise Laboratories

New Paradise Laboratories (NPL) is an experimental performance ensemble that explores radical means of expression to bend and reshape conventional ideas of theater. The company looks at theater as visionary experience, using a variety of creative strategies including company-devising techniques, cross-media design elements, and site-specific installation. Their work values sudden inspiration, paradigm shifts, and shocks to the system. The collaborative environment of NPL’s working process influences the content of their shows. The company supports an artist-as-entrepreneur model in its organizational structure and tend to be multidisciplinary in their interests: designers, writers, and producers, as well as actors.

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