A Ride On The Irish Cream
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A Ride On The Irish Cream

Erin Markey


140 N. Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA
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“A lot of the lyrics are inspired by the things in my backyard: Queen Anne’s Lace, pussy willows, willow trees, bird bath, pine needles, a weird man-made waterfall, a path leading to the dock where the Irish Cream was tied, some woods where we found mirror shards and thought they were diamonds.” Erin Markey

“What drives the piece is Markey’s intimate dream logic and her tender, weird chemistry with Blackwell—existing in the nebulous space between juvenile play and sexual awakening.” The New Yorker

From inside the memory of a Michigan backyard on the bank of the Kawkawlin River comes a fresh and surprising new musical.

A live band and swath of carpet serve as the space for the thrills and terrors of a relationship between Reagan (Markey), a vainglorious self-made girl, and Irish Cream (Becca Blackwell), her family’s pontoon boat/horse. They are in love, but when their relationship is tested by dust ruffles, sex for money, severe T-storms, and a secret cellar, the only way to stay together is to remember all the parts of themselves their bodies tried to forget.


Written and Created by Erin Markey Music Erin Markey, Emily Bate and Kenny Mellman Lyrics Erin Markey Director Jordan Fein Performers Becca Blackwell, Erin Markey, Ian Axness, Chenda Cope, Mike Marcinowski and Emily Bate

Photo: Allison Michael Orenstein


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