Sans Everything
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Sans Everything

Lightning Rod Special + Strange Attractor

Where is humanity going? And what will happen when it gets there?


140 N. Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA
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“As the characters learn about becoming human, some of them observe a ubiquitous, time-honored tradition: they fall in love with Shakespeare. Others follow a different popular tradition: they hate Shakespeare.” Scott Sheppard of Lightning Rod Special

“Bold and brilliant.” HowlRound

Explore a time so far in the future that humans have been replaced by disembodied intelligence, when the experience of having a body and traveling through the human life cycle is sold as a vacation package on cruise ships traveling though outer space. Aboard one such ship, an embodied A.I. finds itself stuck on Shakespeare’s As You Like It, resulting in Elizabethan-style chaos and a total collapse of the world order.

How is humanity best expressed: through what we can do or who we are? Love, escape, the cycle of life, gender—Sans Everything impels audiences to question where humanity is going and what will happen when it gets there.

$20 general / $14 member
$15 student and 25-and-under

FringeArts Theater

80 minutes

Original Concept/Consultant Aram Aghazarian
Outside Eye/Creator Rebecca Noon
Performers/Creators Roblin Gray Davis, Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Katie Gould, Jennifer Kidwell, Mason Rosenthal, Scott Sheppard, Clara Weishahn, Alice Yorke

Photos: Johanna Austin

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