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Not So Silent Cinema

For this Halloween, catch a creepy old movie with a live cinema score.


140 N. Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA

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For this Halloween, catch a creepy old movie with a live cinema score.

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1932 Vampyr is a film brimming with oddities, eccentricities and an unsettling sense of other-wordly horror. In Vampyr it is not so much the story itself but the manner in which itstold that creates such a unique impression of unease and horror. The intentionally washed-out film lulls the viewer into a hazy hypnotic dream world where unattached shadows scamper and dance before our eyes, translucent souls step out of their worldly bodies, and the simplest patterns and landscapes combine to convey a sense of foreboding and mystery. It is Dreyer’s experimental license and intuitive knack for evoking unsettled emotional states that have made Vampyr an art-house classic, presaging the later work of Hitchcock and David Lynch.

Not So Silent Cinema’s score is a moody, surreal mix of acoustic and electronic elements. Violin, clarinet, piano and bass combine to evoke an old-world, Eastern-European soundscape, along with analog electronic textures, giving the score a dark, transcendental element.

Carlos Santiago, violín and electronics
Larry Goldfinger, clarinet and keyboards
Brendan Cooney, organ, electronics, etc.
Chris Coyle, bass and electronics

Not-So-Silent Cinema is the project of New York composer Brendan Cooney. Cooney pulls together different groups for each of his film projects, creating diverse mash-ups of musical personalities from different music scenes to create lively new platforms for interaction and creativity. His scores are tightly composed, time-coded and thematic but also have plenty of room for improvisation and interaction between players.