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A 12-hour dance-party marathon to support FringeArts!

May 20, 2017

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Sat, May 20, 2017
12 noon–12 midnight
Blue Cross RiverRink
101 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Express your inner dancer.
Bond with friends, family, co-workers.
Reach fitness milestones.
Be a champion for FringeArts.

FringeA-Thon is an epic dance party marathon fundraiser for FringeArts—Philadelphia’s premier performance presenter—that celebrates the power of artistic expression. Over the course of 12 hours, novice, avid and professional dancers and fitness enthusiasts will “dance their art out” while also raising money for one of Philadelphia’s iconic arts institutions.

How does it work?

Dancers ask for small donations from their friends and family, who sponsor them through each hour of FringeA-Thon. The more they dance, the more money they raise for the arts!

Where does the money go?

FringeArts is Philadelphia’s home for contemporary performance, presenting progressive, world-class art that stretches the imagination and boldly defies expectation.  As the city’s lead experimenter in the arts, FringeArts exposes audiences to unpredictable dance, theater and music performances by accomplished and emerging innovators who are pushing the boundaries of art-making and redefining the artistic landscape worldwide.

As a catalyst for cultural and community development, and a destination that brings artists and audiences together, FringeArts amplifies the vibrancy of the city’s arts community and enriches the lives of those who reside, work and visit here.

Why is it important?

FringeA-Thon mobilizes the arts community of Philadelphia to sustain its vibrant arts scene. World-class cities need world-class culture. As the producer of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, FringeArts impacts more artists in Philadelphia than any other organization – thousands every year.  Dancing at FringeA-Thon directly supports the contemporary art and artists that make Philadelphia a world-class city, and will help fill our community with daring artistic performances, international legends, and local pioneers.

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