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You’ve bought tickets. You’ve had a beer with us in the Haas Biergarten. You’ve told friends about that Fringe show you saw in a parked car the other year. You’ve eagerly awaited every August for your Festival Guide to arrive in the mail.


You mean so much to us. You are why we are here.

But we’re asking you to do one more thing:

Take the next step and donate to FringeArts today.

Your gift will show that you support arts and culture here in Philadelphia, and believe in the creative power of the arts to bring out the best in our communities.

Ticket revenue covers less than 16% of expenses because low prices mean more access for all. Help us keep ticket prices low and art alive.

This holiday season, FringeArts is making it easy to get your gift shopping in while donating. Everyone who donates over $50 to FringeArts can receive a complimentary gift voucher for two tickets to a FringeArts show. Give the gift of art to a loved one!

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