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On the Record: Rebecca Wright on Applied Mechanics’ Latest Performance

Posted June 22nd, 2018

Philadelphia’s Applied Mechanics established itself as a Fringe Festival favorite with half a dozen shows between It’s Hard Times at the Camera Blanca in 2009 and Feed in 2016. The company will be absent from the Festival this September, but the cast of its latest offering, This Is On Record, draws heavily from 2018 Festival stars: Annie Wilson will feature in Meg Foley’s The undergird, Thomas Choinacky is part of Simpatico Theatre’s 4Solo show, and contributing writer Mary Tuomanen will appear in the Bearded Ladies’ Do You Want A Cookie?

This Is On Record displays Applied Mechanics’ signature immersive style, transforming 3,800-square-foot Glass Factory performance space in Brewerytown to tell six intersecting stories simultaneously. The show investigates the construction of cultural narratives through the lives of six different people as their paths intersect across time. FringeArts spoke to company member Rebecca Wright about the play, which opens tonight and runs through July 1.   

The cast of THIS IS ON RECORD: Alison Ormsby, Annie Wilson, Brett Robinson, Thomas Choinacky, Anita Holland and Daniel Park.

FringeArts: How does the format of the show contribute to its meaning and to the audience’s experience of watching the performance?

Rebecca Wright: This is a piece about the construction of cultural narratives and the various biases and circumstances that shape both the stories we tell and those we inherit. The parallel narrative immersive structure—where many stories are unfolding simultaneously and the audience is free to watch who and how they want—highlights how subjective storymaking is, as well as the question of how much we can and can’t control about what we see and inherit. Multiplicity is also really key here: there is not, in fact, ever one story—there are always multiple perspectives—and the structure of our work reflects this quite literally.

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No Muss, No Fuss, Just Art: The SoLow Fest

Posted June 14th, 2012

Solo shows at the SoLow Fest

Have you heard of SoLow?

The name means what it sounds like. The festival, now in its third year, is all about solo acts, and the more experimental, the better. It also means what it’s spelled like: so low-tech, low-cost, and low-stress that most of the shows have happened in apartments. Performances also pop up in places like The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater and The Arts Parlor, but more often in donated venues like coffee shops, studios, and even an elevator.

SoLow is the ongoing project of Philly-based artists Thomas Choinacky (Thomas is Titanic, Thomas Choinacky is a Dance Machine), and Amanda Grove (Vainglorious, Playing Leni). Realizing that they had little time, money, or extra energy to hire venues, design elaborate sets, or market their solo work, that first fest was an excuse to combine efforts with their friends, have a bigger presence, and draw in a broader crowd.

It’s become more than that, though. “People who never would have produced new work are now creating new work because they realize you don’t need money to do it,” reflects Amanda.

Image from The Hour, part of SoLow's inaugural fest

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