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Philly Fringe for the Twihard

Posted June 29th, 2010

Phew! Just snagged my tickets to the midnight premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! I’m already starting to feel that Christmas Eve anxiety where you know it’s all going to be over soon and you’ll have to wait a whole other year for the magic–or in this case, until Breaking Dawn comes out. But don’t worry–if you’re a fellow Twihard like me you don’t have to wait until 2011. For all you Fanpires out there, here are six 2010 Philly Fringe shows that deal with similar themes as the series. Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, they’re sure to satisfy your thirst.

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Title: Dracula
Company name: Tribe of Fools
Description: Brain fever, nightmare, shadows, and madness saturate this dynamic new look at Dracula. By using scientific methods designed to stimulate fear in the human brain, this original adaptation kicks you into the swallowing abyss of terror. Audience members must sign a waiver to participate.
Sink your teeth into: The O.G. vamp.

Title: Journeys of the Wolf
Company name: Christine Campbell
Description: Before the time of science, wisdom was spoken in the voices of nature. From that time comes Journeys of the Wolf, a contemporary offering of an age-old storytelling tradition. Drumming, singing, and narration coupled with soaring progressive music create a tapestry that weaves ancient truths into our contemporary world.
Sink your teeth into: Quileute-approved entertainment.

Title:Titus Andronicus
Company name: Plays and Players
Description: Murder. Dismemberment. Cannibalism. Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy from Plays and Players, who gave you Zombie! The Musical and William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead. Retired general Titus Andronicus finds the intrigue of a crumbling empire even more dangerous than war. His loyalty betrayed, he has no choice but to exact revenge.
Sink your teeth into: I assume that boys read Twilight for the battle scenes . . . this has got gore that would impress the Volturi.

Title: Vamps and Vixens Vaudeville Revue
Company name: Studio 1831 Entertainment
Description: Vamps and Vixens Vaudeville Revue is a fun-filled romp with the songstresses, sirens, and sexpots of yesterday. In the spirit of cabaret, burlesque, and show-busyness, a bevy of beauties will slither, strut, sing, and dance to vampish classics by Eartha Kitt, Ruth Brown, Peggy Lee, Marilyn Monroe, and more!
Sink your teeth into: Ok, so they’re not those kind of vamps, but it still sounds fun, and we all know that Bella is more of a ‘sexpot’ than she lets on.

Title: A Tale of Two Brains
Company name: Little Bunny Voodoo
Description: With the zombie apocalypse averted, there is still something rotten in Denmark . . . PA. Two dentally challenged zombies wander the land of the living searching for the meaning of un-life. LBV plagues you with a decay-dent zombie puppet comedy that’s sure to gnaw at your brains!
Sink your teeth into: “Searching for the meaning of un-life . . .” Hello, what was Edward doing for ¾ of New Moon?!

Title: The Merry Devil of Edmonton
Company name: Bad Quarto Productions/Mary Baldwin College
Description: Peter Fabell sold his soul for magical powers, but not his heart, and he may find tricking the devil is easy compared to outwitting a father hell-bent on making his daughter a nun. This 1603 romantic comedy was originally performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Can a Renaissance necromancer find true romance?
Sink your teeth into: Soulless star-crossed lovers.

I better go get in line before the 13-year-olds take all the good seats.

Philly Fringe tickets go on sale in mid-July.
–Ellen Freeman

Photos courtesy of the artists and Wikimedia Commons.