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707 Hazardous Moves

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New Paradise Laboratories
707 Hazardous Moves
Based on “A Throw of Dice Will Never Abolish Chance” by Stéphane Mallarmé

Whit MacLaughlin has been obsessed with Stéphane Mallarmé’s A Throw of Dice Will Never Abolish Chance since he first read it in 2012. Since then he took a bullet, gave up theater, left the country for a third time, and finally, in quarantine with an OCD diagnosis, attempted seven successive versions of the work. 707 Hazardous Moves wrestles with chance, details his complete defeat, and examines why he still hopes to unfail his failure.

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Creative and Production Team

Writer/Director: Whit MacLaughlin
Dramaturg: Jessica Rizzo

Speaker: Whit MacLaughlin
Counters: Rohan Hejmadi & Cinco Placensia
Movers: KC Chun & Jo Vito Ramírez

Lighting and Production Design: Thom Weaver
Composer: Bhob Rainey
Costume Design: Camilla Dely
NPL Creative Producer: Pete Angevine

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About the Artists

Whit MacLaughlin is the OBIE- and Barrymore Award-winning Artistic Director of New Paradise Laboratories. He has conceived, directed, and designed 23 original performance works with the company since its inception in 1996, including the recent 27, The Adults, and O Monsters. He has directed, written, and performed in over 150 professional theatre works, most created using the techniques of collaborative ensemble-based performance creation. MacLaughlin is also a long-time collaborator with the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia, having directed 24 productions there over the past 20 years, including may of the innovative, multi-generational productions that are a beloved part of the Arden’s work. He has been the lead artist in immersion experiences installed at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Opera Philadelphia, and online, with his ground-breaking internet performance works Fatebook and Extremely Public Displays of Privacy, which have been studied and reviewed, nationally and internationally. He is currently creating an experiential exhibit at the Academy of Natural Science with international writer and experience designer, Janani Balasubramanian.

New Paradise Laboratories is a not-for-profit creative studio that thinks outside of every box it inhabits. Part theatre company, part imaginarium, NPL invents unexpected experiences for audiences and participants, onstage and in the world. NPL began in 1996 as an ensemble theatre company and established a track record of original theatre works, interactive games, internet performance, and experience design. The future of NPL will extend to museum exhibitions, books, computer code, film and video, and ambulatory experiences, to provoke compelling ideas, sudden inspiration, and a sense of awe.

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Photo by Plate 3 Photography

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