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The Incredible Dreamz

September 16 at 11:59pm

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Incredible Dreamz is a comedy collective featuring The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie (Matthew Schmidt and Jacquie Baker) and The New Dreamz (Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright). After years of working in the Philadelphia music, art, and comedy scene, these four merged to create a surreal, experimental comedy experience for the 2016 Fringe Festival which DC Metro Theater Arts hailed as “an absurd offering of silly, surreal, funny shtick with a side of bologna roll.”

Deeply personal and profoundly experimental, Incredible Dreamz features hypermodern dance, poststructural comedy, and physical theater to create a delicate banana peel ballet. A frothy pudding of frothy relationships, frothy emotional push-ups and frothy vulnerability so disorienting and engrossing that you won’t understand art anymore. Their 2017 Fringe Festival offering, 2 INCREDIBLE 2 DREAMZ, is an exploration of loneliness and connection within the context of everyday relationships. Four performers create a ritual of life that slides between the mundane grind and surreal hallucination. Using a formula where 1 tittle twister = 2 wet willies and 1 homemade meal = 1 hand job, these drama bodies look for formula for love, understanding, comfort and control. This piece uses darker obsessions as material to peel back the pain and beauty inside the desire to be validated—the desire to be fulfilled and to land in a place that is full of froth.

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$5–$10 / 60 minutes

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