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Events 2019 Festival Preview Night #1

2019 Festival Preview Night #1

2019 Fringe Festival Artists

Monday, August 5

2019 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA



Similar to Scratch Night, but all works showcased each night will be a part of the 2019 Fringe Festival! Here is your chance to preview works taking place this September in 5 minute sections and get a glimpse of the exciting work being made all over Philadelphia. Unsure of what to see during the Festival? Hoping to learn more about a particular show? Then join us for a free Festival Preview Night, taking place Mondays, Aug 5, 19 & 26 at 7pm. The Preview Night on Monday, August 19 will take place at The Rotunda, and August 5 and 26 will take place at FringeArts.


Featured Image: Theater Oblivion by Amanda Shaffern

About the Artists

Period House by Ragtime Players

The play is a dramatic comedy that tackles issues including motherhood, marital strife, and PMDD, but with a healthy luster of comedy and snappy dialogue. The play is meant to be cathartic for people with periods, and gives folks a rare chance to laugh out loud in public at what otherwise makes them cry silently and privately.

Honey by Evalina “Wally” Carbonell/Melissa Rector

Honey is an original dance co-production making its premier at this year’s Philly Fringe Festival. It will be an immersive evening of movement that will both inspire and entertain. Featuring dance that is sweet and stinging, syrupy and flowing, audiences can expect innovative and moving new choreography by Evalina “Wally” Carbonell and Melissa Rector, with expressive performances by them and their diverse and talented dancers.

Out of the Shadows by Marissa Kennedy

Out of the Shadows is a solo performance that follows three generations of women confronted with the question, “Who is Dinah?”. It explores the nuances of the #metoo movement from a personal, spiritual, and historical perspective rooted in the African American experience.

RE:figuring by Leslie Elkins

RE:figuring gathers, shapes, and rearranges. Leslie Elkins and foursome performance return to the Fringe Festival partnering with Corinne Karon. Working with a team of artist-designers, we play with ordered motifs and improvised ephemera, and delight in the discovery of patterns fleeting and continuing.

Siren Songs by Theater Oblivion/Amanda Shaffern

Siren Songs is verbatim styled theatrical piece focused around the topic of addiction and substance use disorder. Cultivated from first person interviews, we follow 7 individuals’ tumultuous journeys through addiction and how they fought their way to recovery. Representation. Humanization. Education. #endthestigma

I Spy, With My Little Eye by Kalila Kingsford Smith Dance

I Spy, With My Little Eye slides down the Chutes and Ladders of youth into the Scrabble of your earliest memories. This interactive dance performance provides an opportunity to Connect Four a moment in the shared joys and toys of childhood experience. The performers search for precious childhood memories that define their personalities, highlighting moments of togetherness, of childhood friends and games, of special places that inspire the imagination.

Fire in the Sky by UMA presents: Maddie & Kayla, Queenz Collective, Haylee Warner

Soar between the planets of our performance solar system. You will be buckled in an out of mini performances inhabiting the studios, cubbies, and closets of Urban Movement Arts (UMA). Fire in the Sky is a performance event produced by UMA community members Queenz Collective (Sanchel Brown & Caitlin Green), Haylee Warner & collaborators, and Kayla Bobalek & Maddie Hopfield.

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