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Events 2021 Festival Preview Night #1

2021 Festival Preview Night #1

2021 Fringe Festival Artists

Monday, August 16

2021 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA



Similar to Scratch Night but with the Fringe Festival just around the corner! Here is your chance to preview independent artist works taking place in the 2021 Fringe Festival. Unsure of what to see during the Festival? Want to get a tiny sample of the nearly 200 Fringe Festival shows? Join us for a free Festival Preview Night, taking place Mondays, Aug 16th and 23rd at 7 pm at FringeArts!

A group of 5 mystery performances per night will be highlighted on the FringeArts stage, come meet the performers, preview their work, and learn more about the over 170 independent performances taking place in the 2021 fringe festival! Get the inside scoop on some Fringe Festival surprises!

Featured Artist Information Coming Soon!

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