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Events Birdie's Pit Stop (and the tribe of queers who fucked everything up)

Birdie’s Pit Stop (and the tribe of queers who fucked everything up)

On the Rocks

Sep 9 - 17 2016

Runtime TBA


The PharmacyMap


The PharmacyBirdie’s Pit Stop is the shittiest bar in the shittiest part of the shittiest town. But when a tribe of queers (from up north) crash in–all hell breaks loose. Literally. A play about demonic possession, drag queens, sacrifice, stuffed deer heads, and Jennifer Lopez. All audience members required to sign a waiver.

The show is BYOB!

$15 / 120 minutes

On The Rocks is the umbrella organization for the frequent collaborations between Director-Producer Elaina Di Monaco and Playwright-Producer Haygen Brice Walker. Their collaborations began while getting their BFAs at the University of the Arts and over the past six years, the duo has curated readings, produced new play festivals, created a new musical, and co-founded both a writers’ group and Reject Theatre Project, an emerging artist collective. On the Rocks is the product of an endless list of ideas, a hunger to make new work, and many trips to Buffalo Wild Wings (extra bleu cheese, please and thank you). The work is bold, it’s fearless, it’s provocative, and it’s queer (really, really queer). We’re not trying to make well-made, easily-produced plays. We want to push the envelope and create an indelible, theatrical experience for our audience.


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