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Events 901 Nowhere Street

901 Nowhere Street

Sam Tower + Ensemble

Sep 8 - 17 2015

Runtime TBA


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One reckless evening draws an aspiring novelist into an intoxicating world where a cynical private eye and a mysterious publisher fight to erase their past. Three hardboiled heroines are swept up in a twisted exploit of power, greed, and manipulation. Fantasy trumps reality in this hallucinogenic crime drama gone awry.
$20 / 90 minutes

Directed and Produced by Sam Tower Text by Jeremy Gable Featuring Emilie Krause, Anna Szapiro, Merri Rashoyan, Lauren Tuvell Music Composition and Performance by Alec MacLaughlin All material generated collaboratively with the ensemble. Lighting Design: Andrew Thompson Sound Design: Aziz Naouai Stage Manager: Terry Mittelman Assistant Stage Manager: Caitlin Dagle Produced by Sam Tower + Ensemble COMPANY MISSION: Sam Tower + Ensemble is a collaboration of theatre artists creating original work in Philadelphia. Led by director/producer Sam Tower, all material is collaboratively generated by the current team of artists. The ensemble assembles to develop new work on a project-by-project basis, using the collaboration as a platform to push creative boundaries and experiment with contemporary models of producing and generating material. We create theatre that is psychologically driven, highly physical and sharply choreographic. Aesthetically, the work is influenced by the supernatural and infused with a haunting musicality. We are inspired by the dark matter of the universe and the cinematic nature of the imagination. Our perspective is surreal, gritty and dreamlike, often taking a sinister approach to matters of the heart and soul. Characters unzip their bodies and turn their insides out. Non-verbal expression grinds up against tightly crafted narratives, resulting in dueling bouts of fantastical realism. The work is often site inspired, investigating the audience’s experience of scope as it relates to time and space in performance. It aims to simultaneously explore the intimate minutiae and the vast expanse of existence.


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