A Manayunk Mystery Tour
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A Manayunk Mystery Tour

Manayunk Theatre Company

Part of the 2019 Fringe Festival


Manayunk Towpath
Cross section of Main Street and Green Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19127 United States
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September 12–15, 2019

It was a dark and stormy night when a young woman from Manayunk mysteriously went missing … AND WAS MURDERED!!! Follow Manayunk’s finest private investigator, a child genius turned conspiracy enthusiast, and a VERY serious podcast reporter as they try to solve the MURDER of Manayunk’s Missing Millennial.

Free / 60 minutes

Manayunk Theatre Company was founded in 2014 by locals Sean Connolly and Gabe Henninger. Five Fringe Festivals later we’re still going strong bringing interactive theater to Manayunk!

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