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Events A New Kind of Whole

A New Kind of Whole

Paige Zubel & Eleanor Safer

Sept 18-22 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Pine Street PlaygroupMap

A New Kind of Whole, written by Paige Zubel and directed by Claris Park, is a surrealistic exploration of identity through sexuality and the relationship between the mind and the body. As Lea navigates the line between what is real and what is a projection of her deteriorating mental health, reality distorts and blurs.

$15 / 80 minutes







Paige and Eleanor are working as a producing team for the first time this Fringe season! Their goal is to create new and exciting plays that promote the normalization of marginalized communities; for this project, the focus is on normalizing queerness and mental illness. We are particularly excited about creating works where specifically queer women and their relationships are given emphasis in a piece, but their queerness is not a dramatic plot point; rather, their sexuality simply is. The normalization of queerness and mental illness in society begins with representation and we hope to bolster that movement.


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