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A Stroke of Luck

Tom Luther

September 6-September 24

2018 Fringe Festival

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A Stroke of Luck is an audio/visual reflection on my experience of having a stroke, and the subsequent recovery process. It combines video, still photography, and audio using generative methods and fixed forms.


My work is foremost about reflection. I begin each work with a simple notion, and through its construction, I discover and refine the method of construction.The expression that I am trying to achieve dictates changes to my process as I discover more about the work, about the process, and about myself.

I reach this balance by using systems that I don’t totally understand. I start with a “what if” notion, and go about trying to discover exactly how to accomplish it. It often requires going in a bit over my head, and using the process of creation to close up the knowledge gaps

When I began work on “A Stroke of Luck” (2018), I had a specific idea of using visual and aural impressions of the experience of being hospitalized for stroke to drive a multimedia piece.  I began to see things in it that I had not initially considered, and many of these observations led to important structural benchmarks. What the work became was a means of processing the experience


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