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Agent Moosehead

FringeArts Late Night

Fri July, 10

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

La Peg at FringeArtsMap

Philadelphia’s dank, hairy, oily jazz underbelly yields many unknown innovative groups performing works of groundbreaking sonic expression. all too often these groups go unnoticed on the agendas of most Philly hipster youth on their way to dance parties or trips to see their emo pop favorites spouting out their anthems.

Agent Moosehead will be ¬†debuting an all original score for Jodorowsky’s “El Topo.” El Topo contains violent content.

Casting aside these defeating propositions, Agent Moosehead, and many others, continue to try to push the boundaries of that four letter word (J-A-Z-Z) and explore avenues that some may just be too cool to travel down with them.

$5 Suggested donation / La Peg Stage

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