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Alice Light + Dark

Justine Parks

September 10-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

Flexible Run Time


Artist Website

Alice Light + Dark is a multidisciplinary art experience designed to fight stigma by aligning madness to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and celebrating Mad Pride. The website features a visual audiobook and information about the live exhibit and workshop. 

The website is available anytime along with a visual audiobook.

Recommended for ages 13+.

Note: This work includes tropes of mental illness, oppression of mental healthcare system, and intersectional feminism.


Available to access online here during the Festival


Free to Access Online

About the Artists

Justine Parks Rose, MS, is a Leadership Development Educator and Storyteller. Following a postpartum manic episode in 2011, Justine has devoted her life and career to the art and neuroscience of understanding emotions, identity and consciousness.

J. Noel Williams, MFA, is a mental health advocate and multifaceted Theatre Artist who specializes in film and TV puppetry. As an actor, clown and puppeteer, Noel’s focus is to generate an authentic dialogue between audience and performer.

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