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Events Alice's Adventures in Analog

Alice’s Adventures in Analog

UgLy Duchess

September 10-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

50 minutes



UgLy Duchess creates a concept LP, based on Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece of psychedelic literature – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Using a minimalist lineup of analog synths, drums, spoken word & Mellotron, the album creates an abstract sonic complement to the visual art of Salvador Dalí.  Alice’s Adventures in Analog draws on modular synthesis, electropop & musique concrète to bring forward elements of the story that have been commonly overlooked as well as reinterprets parts that are all too familiar.

UgLy Duchess is the brainchild of Barrymore Award nominated music director Ryan Touhey.

Free All Access Listening/Streaming of the album will be available on Soundcloud. Appropriate for all ages.


Available Anytime on Soundcloud


Free to Access on Soundcloud

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