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Donna Oblongata

Sept 8 - 24 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


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At a guerrilla base camp, a retired clockmaker weighs who needs to be purged from the ranks. Meanwhile, the turkey trapped in Audubon’s Birds of America takes flight to escape the page. Eventually, it all burns to the ground. “A visionary with a knack for creating experiences that transcend the norm” (Geekadelphia).

$15 / 70 minutes






CONTENT WARNING: This play involves a number of things worthy of content warnings, but particularly guns, suicide, loud sounds, and smoke effects.

Praise for Donna’s past work:

“Gorgeous, poetic, funny, moving…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.” –The Urbana News-Gazette

“Whip smart and dirt poor.” — The Broward New Times

“The story defies synopsis, but the themes come together to ring with emotional truth and, like ripples in a pond, seem to expand out into the universe…One of the best productions of the year.” –The Milwaukee Examiner

“A visionary with a knack for creating experiences that transcend the norm…fostering a community of absurdly talented and dedicated individuals who make up her untheater troupe. The scope of this production was unreal…a masterpiece.” — Geekadelphia

“It challenged me – it shook up my assumptions…It pushed my definition of beauty into channels that are rarely exercised…it WOKE ME UP.” –Transpersonal Theatre Blog

“A welcome oasis of imagination…High-energy, funny, and surprisingly moving.” –DC MetroArts


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