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Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective

September 10-October 5

2020 Fringe Festival

100 minutes



#AllLivesDontMatter is a political piece. It is a social justice piece. It is a historical piece. It is current. It is creative expression. It is a laying on of hands. It is open. It is raw. It is cleansing. It is unapologetic. It is a theatrical tapestry that uses poetry, song, narrative, and dance to weave together episodic movements of what it is like being Black in America. It speaks to the breakdown of the social contract between the government and the citizens giving insight into the heart of Black folks. It gives a voice to those who often feel voiceless. #AllLivesDontMatter is a love offering to the Black community. It illustrates the unabashed anger and sadness that arises from senseless injustice and then offers Black Love as the balm of healing. Conceived, directed, and written by Ardencie Hall-Karambe, PhD. with contributions from others, Dr. Hall believes that theatre, and the arts, in general, can be used as tools for social justice sparking transformation and promoting change in the community. #AllLivesDontMatter is a virtual event.


Tickets are $5 per performance in honor of our 5th Season.

After purchasing a ticket, buyers will receive a unique link for the day and time of the performance chosen.

Please note: The content of this production deals with issues of systemic racism, oppression, and current events in America. Use of profanity is included in this production. We encourage you to watch this with your children, friends, and/ or family members (ages 13+). This show contains brief suggestive language.


Thursday, Sept 10 at 8pm Friday, Sept 11 at 11am & 8pm Saturday, Sept 12 at 11am, 3pm & 8pm Sunday, Sept 13 at 3pm & 6pm Monday, Sept 14 at 3pm & 8pm Tuesday, Sept 15 at 3pm & 8pm Wednesday, Sept 16 at 3pm & 8pm Thursday, Sept 17 at 3pm & 8pm Friday, Sept 18 at 11am & 8pm Saturday, Sept 19 at 11am, 3pm & 8pm Sunday, Sept 20 3pm & 6pm Monday, Sept 21 at 3pm & 8pm Tuesday, Sept 22 at 3pm & 8pm Wednesday, Sept 23 at 3pm & 8pm Thursday, Sept 24 at 3pm & 8pm Friday, Sept 25 at 11am & 8pm Saturday, Sept 26 at 11am, 3pm & 8pm Sunday, Sept 27 at 3pm & 6pm Monday, Sept 28 at 3pm & 8pm Tuesday, Sept 29 at 3pm & 8pm Wednesday, Sept 30 at 3pm & 8pm Thursday, Oct 1 at 3pm & 8pm Friday, Oct 2 at 11am & 8pm Saturday, Oct 3 at 11am, 3pm & 8pm Sunday, Oct 4 at 3pm & 6pm


$5 general admission

About the Artists

Director: Ardencie Hall-Karambé, PhD
Writer: Ardencie Hall-Karambé, PhD
Contributing Writers: Eboni Ferguson, Nicole Stacie, Rhonda Davis, K. Greenfield, and Kevens Duffault
Music: Jason Stewart and Ardencie Hall-Karambé, PhD.
Lyrics: Ardencie Hall-Karambé, PhD.
Cast: Jason Stewart, Courtney Lyneé, Pierce Williams, Sharlena Johnson, Jonathan Steadman, Tasha Holmes, Rodd Deon, and Taylor J. Mitchell.
Featuring: Brian Wilson, Ashley Spearman, Nicole Stacie, Zuhairah McGill, Ardencie Hall-Karambé, PhD, and Warith J. Watson

Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective (KCAC, founded 2008) started as a touring company performing plays in Philadelphia. In 2011, the company was invited to NYC to perform in the off-off Broadway Dream Up International Theatre Festival hosted by Theatre for the New City. The company took a hiatus shortly afterwards, but regrouped in 2015 as the members started Arden Blair Enterprises, LLC, a multi-faceted art and entertainment company (KCAC became a subsidiary of Arden Blair, LLC). During that same year, the company performed Flying West and Wine in the Wilderness at the Walnut Street Theatre—Studio 5, and Ain’t Nobody…A Civil Right Musical! In 2016, KCAC became the resident theatre company at the historic Church of the Advocate and have been performing adapted works such as Lysistrata, Cross Your Legs Sister! and classics such as For Colored Girls.

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