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Events Alternative Theatre Festival 2020

Alternative Theatre Festival 2020

iNtuitons Experimental Theatre

Saturday, September 12

2020 Fringe Festival

80 minutes



2020 Shows:

The Sims by Lauren Payton, C’21
Samantha feels as though Phil has checked out of their marriage, and Phil suspects Samantha to be cheating on him with a neighbor. They have all of the classic relationship problems, but there’s something more; they’re also Sims.

My Father, My Son by Devi Bass and Tommy Christialdi, C’23
When best friends Jimmy and Timmy have a falling out following a normal childhood squabble, the two stop speaking for years. During their years apart, the two unknowingly fall in love with and then marry each other’s mother, making the ex-friends each other’s father. And as we all know, the person married to your father’s mother is your grandfather.
My Father, My Son is a long walk to one joke: the extreme circumstances that would need to occur for one to become one’s own grandfather. Is it a comedy? Only if you find it funny. Is it a play? According to my sister, yes.

Succubus Journals: Solar Flare by Kassidy Houston, C’21
Solar Flare is a parody of Vampire Diaries, the Twilight series, and other supernatural dramas. Succubus Journals blurs the line between the set and the universe of the show itself. It’s unclear what’s real and what’s not. The plot of the show in the show follows an ordinary girl from an ordinary town as she gets mixed up in the supernatural world. She runs into an ancient vampire and tries to make sense of the crazy evils she now knows are real. Also, everyone is in love with her. It’s unclear why, and things happen too quickly for us to wonder.

Death Drive by Brent Weisberg, C’20
2 puppets with nothing left to lose and everything to gain.
2 royal ferrets who speak in iambic pentameter.
1 truckalicious truck.
A recipe for high art!
This summer. Coming to a video player near you.

Take Them All! by Jaden Cloobeck, C’22
The Goddess of Disinfectants possesses a bottle of Purell and forces three college seniors to steal all the hand sanitizers from a local Trader Joe’s in order to save all the disinfectants from the Coronavirus buying frenzy!

Buyers will receive the Youtube link for the livestream once they purchase a ticket. Please Note: This show contains brief suggestive language. Recommended for ages 13+.


Saturday, Sept 12 at 11am & 7pm


$4 General

About the Artists

iNtuitons Experimental Theatre is the University of Pennsylvania’s only student-run experimental theatre group. iNtuitons comes from two words: intuition and automaton. The group was chartered to “attract people with diverse artistic interests and in order to provide an outlet for creative people whose ideas are too Classical or Avant-Garde to be supported by existing groups.” We will alternate you.

Instagram at @intuitons

Facebook at iNtuitons


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