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Events An Obviously Foggot

An Obviously Foggot

Poison Apple Initiative

Sept 14— 18 2016

Runtime TBA



an obviously foggot press photo“So you’ve got a group of people who fetishize masculinity, who’re emasculated their whole lives, and you stick them in this place with all this booze and drugs and hierarchy. What’d you think was gonna happen?” A collision of found text, broken pop, and dance parties confronting internalized homophobia in gay bars.

$15 / 60 minutes




An Obviously Foggot


Poison Apple Initiative was an Austin-based company. Now we are in Philly. We make new and new-ish work with heart, snark, and bite in theatres and other places. Previous productions: Sometimes Callie and Jonas Die (Philly Fringe ’15), Holier Than Thou (The Off Center), Housebreaking (The Compound), Crumble (Blue Theatre), A Matter of Taste (The Off Center), WE WERE NOTHING! (the house of a dude we knew) | Facebook





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