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Artship Olympia

Philadelphia Sculptors

Sept 9-24

Runtime TBA


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When is a ship not a ship? When it is an “Artship!” “Warship” Olympia finds a new identity as she gets decked out by 17 artists in the makeover of the century. From mysterious to provocative to outright breathtaking, the site-specific installations surprise, enchant and even stare down at you from the pipes above!

Free with museum admission / 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (ongoing)

Philadelphia Sculptors was established in 1996 to promote contemporary sculpture and serve as an advocate for sculptors. We work to expand public awareness of the role and value of sculpture within our culture through exhibitions, public forums, member services, and educational outreach. Since our inception, we have organized numerous indoor and outdoor group shows at both traditional and non-traditional venues. We have sponsored annual programs every year since 1996, an annual exhibition of student sculptures from five area colleges, a major sculpture conference in 2002, three collaborative interdisciplinary performance projects (2 at the Philadelphia Fringe Festivals,) two site specific outdoor environmental art exhibitions at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, and many workshops and demonstrations. In 2003 we partnered with members of the Furniture Society and the Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show to install an outdoor collaborative group project Chairs in the Air. In 2005 we produced a city-wide public art project, A Case for Art. In 2008 we sponsored a major international sculpture show on climate change, Global Warming at the Icebox. In 2012 we organized Catagenesis, a major exhibition of site specific installations at Globe Dye Works, a former textile dyeing facility. We love engaging with unexpected locations and are thrilled to move from land to water with Artship Olympia.

You can donate to Artship Olympia here.

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