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Events Ruckus Dance: KnockOut

Ruckus Dance: KnockOut

Ruckus Dance

Sep 21 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


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Ruckus Dance: Knockout (in guide, Baby’s First Time to Philly) is a performance from the Boston-based group Ruckus Dance featuring guest artists Subject:Matter. In addition to some short but sweet new works, they perform Knockout, the edgy, fun, contemporary dance that first elevated choreographer Michael Figueroa to the top of the Boston dance community.

$15 / 60 minutes




Ruckus works to open up performance spaces that both provoke conversation and bewilder the viewer, driving them to ask questions about the logic of what is happening before them. Through layering improvisation and choreography, Ruckus Dance leads its viewers to analyze what is being generated live. Priorities in performance include but are not limited to: clarity, rigor, exhaustion, self-annihilation, self-love, focus, distraction, multi-tasking, and grit. Ruckus Dance is choreographed and directed by Michael Figueroa.


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