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Events Bedlam: Shakespeare in Rehab

Bedlam: Shakespeare in Rehab

Manayunk Theatre Company

Sept 9-17 2016

Runtime TBA


St John the Baptist ChurchMap


bedlamBedlam: Shakespeare in Rehab takes everything you know about classic theater and turns it on its head. Shakespearean Heroines are ripped out of their respective stories and thrown into a haunting, run down institution. Characters and audience alike are immersed in a world of mental health.

Written and Directed by Amanda Coffin and Gabriel Henninger.
Produced by Sean Connolly, Artistic Director of Manayunk Theatre Company.

Manayunk Theatre Company was founded in 2014 to serve the Manayunk and surrounding community with professional grade live theatre. Bedlam: Shakespeare in Rehab marks the beginning of Manayunk Theatre Company’s third season.

$15 / 85 minutes

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