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Sept 15 - 16 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


CHI Movements Art CenterMap

How does our hyper-connected, on-demand culture impact our relation to self, others, and nature? [Before] asks why, when anything can be acquired with a click, we still feel empty. [After] imagines a lush world where humans have melded with nature—or have gone extinct. Features dance, masks, puppetry, and original music.

$18 / 60 minutes








Dance theater company WeftWorks returns to the Philadelphia Fringe Festival with Before/After, a brand new show featuring costumes, props, and puppet creatures made out of discarded objects and repurposed packaging materials. The production design, choreography, and music are by Artistic Director Sarah Carr. Performers include dancers Caitlin Green, Shizu Homma, and Olivia Wood, along with theater artist Rebecca (Bex) Love. The work of filmmaker Chis Hallock is also integrated into the piece. Incorporating sculpture, fiber art, dance, film, object performance, and puppetry, WeftWorks aims to create one-of-a-kind theater experiences that transport and transform the spectator. For more information, please visit


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