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Behold Her

Half Key Theatre Company

Sept 7 - 23 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Dell Theater at the National Museum of American Jewish HistoryMap

What is a “Jewish beauty”? Is it a specific form or feature? Or something else? A performance with live music reflects on conflicting images and changing expectations about Jewish women and beauty that started with Eve and persist today.

$15 / 60 minutes






What is true “Jewish beauty”? Is it Hedy Lamarr’s perfect face? Queen Esther’s diplomacy? Or just having straight hair for a Sweet Sixteen? Behold Her convenes a delegation of memorable Jewish women, real and imagined, historic and contemporary, to explore a question that began with Eve and persists today through song, story and theatre — beneath the harsh lights of a legendary discount store dressing room, no less. Six thousand years of shifting images and definitions, reflected to infinity in a room with no easy answers — that’s our kind of beauty. With two actors, live music and many emotions.

Half Key Theatre company provides a space in which unheard voices are given witness. With a focus on the narratives of women throughout history, the company strives to do justice to stories that have been forgotten. Above all the company values that which makes theater powerful–raw human connection, in moments of both pain and delight.


Playwright: Arden Kass
Director: Tori Mittelman
Composer: Chana Rothman
Producer / Actor: Michaela Shuchman
Actor: Marcia Saunders
Musician: Charlotte Morris
Dresser: Josie Ross
Lighting / Set Design: Yoshi Nomura
Sound Design: John Kolbinski
Costume Design: Laila Swanson
Stage Manager: Amanda Shaffern
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