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September 19–21, 2019

2019 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA

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Skinner Studio at Plays & Players TheatreMap

September 19–21, 2019

Each show features a new opera and a band. The first half: a binge-staging of The 2019 Serial Opera Project (shows II and III) or the world premiere of the sci-fi opera Ganymede 5 (I and IV) by Evan Kassof and Aleksandar Hut Kono. The second half: sets from Brother Martin (I), The Cheddar Boys (II), or Lee Mo (III and IV).

$20 / 150 minutes

ENAensemble is a music and theater ensemble focused on cultivating and performing new and important works of theatrical vocal music. Based in Philadelphia and founded by Evan Kassof, Nicole Renna, and Anaïs Naharro-Murphy, ENAensemble has presented a diverse range of productions over the last year. The first production, The Propaganda Machine Show ran for four sold-out nights at the 2018 FringeArts Festival. Following that success, ENAensemble presented a rare, fully-staged version of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire with additional works by Ravel, Stravinsky, and Kassof. Since March, ENAensemble has been hard at work guiding new composer/librettist teams in the creation, production, and performance of their new opera episodes as part of the 2019 Serial Opera Project. A resident ensemble in the Music Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia, ENAensemble is constantly developing new ways to present opera, musical theater, art song, and other forms of vocal-led musical story-telling. The 2019-2020 Season has at least four new productions in the works, including a new Serial Musical Project and the 2020 Serial Opera Project.

Directed by Rose Freeman Stage Manager Casey Berner The 2019 Serial Opera Project Music and Libretto by Evan Kassof & Aleksandar Hut Kono (March), Michael Shingo Crawford & Traci Troi Justice Williams (April), Abigail Kempson & Jerry Mathes III (May), Timothy Arliss O’Brien & Jennifer Williams (June), Roger A. Martinez & Alize Rozsnyai (July), and Cortlandt Matthews & Rick Beck (August) Ganymede 5 Music and Libretto by Evan Kassof & Aleksandar Hut Kono Serial Opera Project Sung by Katie Procell and Marcelle McGuirk Ganymede 5 Sung by Megnot Toggia, Caitlin Mead, Heather Gardner, and Wesley Morgan  Instrumentalists Chelsea Meynig, Elisa Muzzillo, Joseph Dvorak, Olivia Cleri, Michael Shingo Crawford, Jennifer Boorum, and Alyssa Resh

ENAensemble is eternally grateful to Ray Banas, Leigh Urbschat, Leanne Fallo, and all the staff of the Music Department of Free Library of Philadelphia for giving us the time, space, and loving atmosphere to present the 2019 Serial Opera Project. We can’t imagine a better environment to publicly create new opera!

Between is generously funded by a grant from the Presser Foundation, awarded through Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance. Thank you to Dr. Cynthia Folio, Dean Flanagan, and Dean Stroker for believing in this project and advocating for it with the Presser Foundation.

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