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Events "Bon Appétit!" By Julia Child and Lee Hoiby (During a Pandemic!)

“Bon Appétit!” By Julia Child and Lee Hoiby (During a Pandemic!)

Aurora Classical of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia

September 1–October 2

2022 Fringe Festival

25 min

Pay What You Can

The Internet

A comic culinary extravaganza that taps the wit and antics of one of America’s best-loved television personalities, Julia Child, the mother-of-all-foodies! Imagine what would happen if SHE had to do her show during the Pandemic! That’s this show, a one woman opera by Lee Hoiby. Digital performance whenever you’d like to watch!

Appropriate for all ages

About the Artist

Aurora Classical’s mission is to excite people about classical music! Our goal is to share the art to those who may not have seen it up close and personal before, to give them the comfort and hope only classical music can provide and an opportunity for professional classical performers to share their work. Aurora Classical takes its name and inspiration from the news paper “Philadelphia Aurora” which was founded by Benjamin Franklin Bache, grandson to Benjamin Franklin. The paper stood for the rights of “yeoman farmers”,”planters” and the “plain folk”. We believe classical music is for everyone no matter your budget!

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