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Capacity for Veracity

Jessica Creane, Paloma Irizarry, Mal Cherifi

Sept 4 - 14 2015

Runtime TBA


The Iron Factory 3rd FloorMap

Capacity for Veracity_Jessica Creane, Paloma Irizarry, Mal CherifiZip your lips, loosen your tongue, and unsettle in for an honest evening of brutal lies, frank back door encounters, clear ambiguity, civilized viciousness, and a resounding hush-hush.
$15 / 60 minutes




Mondegreen Collective is a devised theater peformance group founded by three pretty solid human beings, all things considered.  Their clowns, Princess Moo Shoo, Rampage, and Ruff Ruff McCockapoo, met in 2014 at Pig Iron Theater Company Workshop. None of them play well with others or appear in this piece. Their work (the founders, not the clowns) aims to obscurely clarify things for everyone on all possible levels at all possible times.

Jessica (Creane, if you want to fb friend her) is currently a student at the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training.  She has worked on and off Broadway, directed world premier plays that not one person has walked out of, and was once referred to as a “complete theatrical lunatic.”  You can also see her in the Philly fringe production SLAUGHTER/ETTE, if you’re feeling brave.
Mal (Cherifi, if you want to be real life friends with them) is a Philadelphia based artist. They graduated from Montgomery College with an Associates in Theatre Performance and Ithaca College with a Bachelors in Theatre Studies. Mal’s interests lie in devised theatre, mask making, and androgyny in performance.  They’ve been known to make blanket forts that’ll knock some socks off.
Paloma (Irizarry. You may have heard of her?) has a BA in theater from Trinity College. She is a creator/performer with Theater of the Oppressed and recently assistant directed Lightning Rod Specials’ LET THE DOG SEE THE RABBIT.  You can see her in the Philly Fringe show ALIAS ELLIS MACKENZIE later this month.  Paloma runs the underground-cult-classic-theater-free-for-all called Green Street Gatherings and has a secret that she will take to her grave.

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