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Careful Injuries

Other Case Notes Ensemble

Sept 11 - 12 2015

Runtime TBA


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Careful Injuries_Other Case Notes EnsembleCareful Injuries is an evening length new movement exploration conceived and constructed by Other Case Notes Ensemble that began as an examination of physical states and expressions of comfort, fear and exhaustion. This work explores where the psychological boundaries of our capacity for great tenderness and care often meet the experience of terrifying or desperate circumstances.

$8 / 60 minutes

Other Case Notes Ensemble is an experiment-based performance group working primarily out of Philadelphia, where we they are grateful artists-in-residence at Mascher Space Co-Op. As a group, they aim to share leadership roles, balance individual histories with their collective history and investigate new movement material rooted in specific lines of inquiry. Their work generally begins with a hypothesis or question relating to where the psychological meets the physical and evolves based on what they discover in the process of investigation. The founding members of Other Case Notes Ensemble are Jessieh Ruth Averitt, Maggie Donoghue and Samantha Jolene Orr.

Material may not be appropriate for children. Audience discretion advised.

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