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Carried Away

Brian Sanders' JUNK

Sept 9-24 2016

Runtime TBA


Venue TBA



Photo by Steve Belkowitz


I end up here, shame under pride, head on locker, denim near denim, skin against satin, disco within punk, leather around wrists, fist off canvas, lips about nape, hand for hand, looking back in time. I was carried away.

“…brilliant, cutting-edge choreography.” – Debra Miller

$35 / 50 minutes



Conceived and Concocted by Brian Sanders
Scenic Elements Designed and Constructed by Pedro Silva
Apparatuses Designed and Constructed by John Howell IV and Brian Sanders
Performed by: Matthew Emig, Theodore Fatscher, Julia Higdon, Tommy Schimmel, Kelly Trevlyn, William Robinson


Haled by media as “accessible, technically flawless and thrilling” JUNK strives to inspire with creativity through its work and serve as a catalyst for generating fresh ideas that encourage audiences to see the world in a new and vital way. Since 1992, Brian Sanders and his troupe, JUNK have, as one critic put it “left audiences spellbound by the intricacies and daredevil risks of Sanders’ ingenious choreography”.

Now offering a regular season that includes a run during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the madcap winter escape party SNOWBALL, JUNK performs special events throughout the region, and tours nationally and abroad performing for both stage and television.

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