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Events CANCELED: Centrifugal Hope

CANCELED: Centrifugal Hope

Marybeth Tereszkiewicz

Saturday, October 1 at 4pm

2022 Fringe Festival

45 min


Lemon Hill Mansion Park – Site 2Map

This show has been canceled.

Centrifugal – an apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center arising from the body’s inertia…

A dance-movement experience to help pull us out of inertia and recenter ourselves during these challenging years. Performed outside in an area enclosed by three large trees, this will be an audience participation 3-part performance piece. (The number three is significant in many cultures, as it can represent land, sea, and sky; past, present, and future, and body, mind and soul.)
Audience will first be led through a circular walking meditation to ground the performance space and then will learn simple movements which will be performed along with the lead performer to create a ritual to reconnect us to the deeper circular cycles of our individual bodies and our collective lives.

Everyone is welcome – no movement experience needed!

Appropriate for ages 7+

Health & Safety

Audience members may choose to wear masks at this event, but they are not required. Vaccination cards will not be checked.

About the Artist

My life as an artist has had many facets: dancer, actor, director, choreographer, visual artist, performance artist, and teacher. Dance is at the core of all my creations. The visceral experience of expressing emotions through the body is the fuel behind all of my work. In whichever avenue of expression I am working, I always place equal focus on the same three aspects: dynamic energy/movement, vibrant composition, and compelling narrative. I am new to the city of Philadelphia and have performed both as a solo artist as well as with several San Francisco Bay Area Dance companies including Company Chaddick and The Dance Brigade. I have a Master’s of Education in the Arts. Throughout all my education and experiences, my pursuit has always been to improve the lives of individuals and communities—both locally and globally—through the Arts. In 2012-13, I created, developed, and directed the “Tree of Life Arts Program” in rural Kwa- Zulu Natal, South Africa. In 2016-17, I lectured and performed at Contemporary Art Education forums held in Hangzhou and Beijing, China.

This event has passed