Chaos Theory
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Chaos Theory

Jessica Creane


New Liberty Distillery
1431 North Cadwallader Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122 United States
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(267) 928-4650

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What exactly is chaos and why do we fear it? 666 days after the 2016 election, it’s about time to find out. Through game-theater, clown, and immersive arts, Chaos Theory is the amoral, self-serving, NSFW pandemonium your inner chaos agent has been lying in wait for all these bleak and batsh*t crazy months.

The New Liberty Distillery is a 21 + venue. 

$15 / 75 minutes










You must be exhausted. You’ve been reading show descriptions for ages, you probably have a backlog of errands to run, it’s less than two months until the midterms, and it’s only been two years since the 2016 election (sorry to bring it up). Things have gotten a little chaotic since then and the rallying cry to the masses is been to organize, organize, organize. So, yes, let’s organize! But also… let’s chaos.

The orderly rules of the universe don’t seem to apply anymore so perhaps it’s time to take a good hard look at chaos: What exactly is chaos and how can we use it to our supreme, soul-satisfying advantage?

CHAOS THEORY is a series of interactive games and comedic mathematical lectures in which audience members are immersed in a world of order, chaos, theory, and chaos theory. Is chaos a state of affairs to be wrestled into submission or a blank canvas of unbridled opportunity? What untapped powers does your inner chaos agent hold? Are you prepared to use them for the greater good?

CHAOS THEORY is the brainchild of veteran fringe artist and multi-disciplinary game designer Jessica Creane ”
(CAPACITY FOR VERACITY, BACHELOR/ETTE) and has been developed with the support of Fresh Ground Pepper Theater Company, NYC, and IKantKoan Games, Philadelphia. Jessica holds an MFA in physical, improv-based theater from Tsthe Pig Iron School of Advanced Performance Training and is currently working with The National Parks Service to create a game about the intricacies of climate change and land conservation. Jessica’s intimacy-inducing mobile app game, R&J, is also being presented as part of the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Catch CHAOS THEORY here in Philadelphia before it heads to the FringeNYC’s first ever adjudicated Fringe Festival next month and then on to Indiecade, L.A., for a post-show analysis!

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