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Events Close Your Legs, Honey - A New Musical

Close Your Legs, Honey – A New Musical

Hannah Parke & Shamus Hunter McCarty / Philly Improv Theater

Sept 5 - 22 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Venue TBA

Wheelchair Accessible

She’s plucked, sucked, and tuckedbeauty has met its match! Join Honey and her foul-mouthed mama on a darkly comedic, high-glitz musical misadventure taking on an army of pint-sized glamazons for Grand Supreme glory! Will she win? Mama say a prayer! An ugly story in a beautiful world. About kids, for adults.

$15 / 75 minutes




This project proudly includes the work of multiple international artists.

Book, Music & Lyrics by Hannah Parke & Shamus Hunter McCarty

Additional Music by Matthew Mastronardi

Orchestrations by Damien Figueras


Close Your Legs, Honey draws on 90’s nostalgia, small town life, growing up different and a glitter to weave a tale of heavy competition and even heavier flows!


Direction by Shamus Hunter McCarty

Music Direction by Damien Figueras

Choreography by Dana Kreitz



Hannah Parke

Katherine Perry

Camille E. Young

Claris Park

Jenna Kuerzi

Camille Young

Colleen Murphy

Tyler S. Elliott

Kendyll Young

Ebony Pullum

& Jenny Fernandez


Stage Management by Michal Kortsarts

Scenic & Lighting Design by Yoshi Nomura

Costume, Hair & Make-Up Design by Blair Thompson

Sound Design by Damien Figueras

Prop Design by Artur Almeida

Guitar by Sara Maranich

Percussion by Ryan Cullen

Additional Production by David Randle


Special Thanks: Diego Raul Hernandez, Britney Leigh Hines, Mike Marbach, Aaron Disbrow, Cat Ramirez, Jamie Grace-Duff, Jarrod Markman, Robin Stamey, FringeArts, Amy Boehly, Nancy Bennett, Ned Pryce, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Grayce Hoffman, Matthew McWilliams, Campbell O’Hare, Tessa Kuhn, Brittnie Knight, Minou Pourshariati, Nic Scheppard, Iman Aaliyah, Amanda Jill Robinson, Joy Lynn Pringle-Bato, ReVamp Collective, Raina Searles, Kevin Glaccum, Alex Keiper, Mike Doherty, Abby Normal, Emily Fernandez, Ann Garner, Rowan University, Cathy del Tito, Andrew Whitehead, and our amazing donors!




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