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Clothing: Stories From The Closet

Linda Dubin Garfield and Susan DiPronio

Sept 11-18 2016

Runtime TBA


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Ready for Night by Linda Dubin Garfield


Clothing: it’s what you chose to wear, how you adorn yourself; it shows who you are. It’s what drapes the windows of your soul; clothing defines or hides you. Share your story—write it, create it, tell about it. Art materials provided at on-going workshops. Proceeds benefit victims of human trafficking.

Free / 125 minutes (ongoing)




Pictured: Lady With Hat and Gloves    Credit: Susan DiPronio

Linda Dubin Garfield A Philadelphia artist who creates colorful works on paper that combine traditional printmaking, mixed media & digital technology based on her love of travel, the mystery of memory & the magic of place. Linda Dubin Garfield is an award-winning printmaker and mixed media artist, creates visual memoirs exploring the mystery of memory and the magic of place, using hand-pulled printmaking techniques, photography, collage and digital imaging. She also creates installations that include public participatory art, especially when she is exploring themes relating to today’s culture. This is her eleventh show at Philly Fringe Festival. In 2005 she founded ARTsisters, a group of professional artists who empower each other and their community through art. In 2007 she started smART business consulting, helping emerging artists reach their goals and their audience, providing consulting and coaching on the business side of art through individual, small groups, and workshop experiences as well as providing opportunities to exhibit work. Today she serves on several non-profit boards and appreciates her good fortune to be able to make art every chance she gets.

Susan DiPronio has a broad artistic practice that has included poetry, essay writing, directing short films, writing plays, photography, creating fiction, and conducting writing/art workshops for the underserved. She offers workshops for free in an effort to create community among the participants and to help others write and share their personal stories in order to foster healing. A survivor of trauma, cancer, homelessness, and homophobia, Susan create safe spaces where a group of people can form a connection, challenge expectations, and support each other.

Linda Dubin Garfield and Susan DiPronio won an Art and Change Grant from the Leeway Foundation in 2007 for their first collaboration Portraits of Women of A Certain Age.


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