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Ella Cuda / Whitney Casal

Sept 23-24 2016

Runtime TBA


Mama’s Wellness JointMap

Coffee A dance about sharing the intimate stories that keep friends connected, through the grimy, confusing details that no one else knows. A night equally about listening, dishing secrets, and giving advice. A peek into a year of screwing up and making moves, chocolate souffle, and validating each other’s crazy.

$5 / 60 minutes

Our show is in a neighborhood we frequent; it feels like home turf. We want to contribute to a neighborhood where we spent much of our time as college students, the neighborhood we first lived in as brand new city dwellers. We also chose a space and business that we love, one that we want to bring people to. Mama’s Wellness Joint is already an organization that promotes community; we want to build on that and broaden their visibility.

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