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Events Colored Girls Museum Presents: A Good Nights Sleep

Colored Girls Museum Presents: A Good Nights Sleep

The Colored Girls Museum

Sept 9-18 2016

Runtime TBA

$10 – $15

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Colored Girls Museum Presents A Good Nights Sleep_The Colored Girls MuseumThe Colored Girls Museum Presents: A Good Nights Sleep

A collective of nomadic travelers
is charged
with curing
400 years of sleeplessness
which has plagued her people

$15 / 55 minutes

The Colored Girls Museum is an apostate arts colony, headquartered in the backwoods of Germantown. Settled by a collective of nomadic travelers, the Colored Girls Museum (CGM) re-imagines the museum as an imaginative & restorative temple that nurtures and celebrates the “Ordinary, Extraordinary Colored Girl.” TCGM has been engineered (by her inventors) to crash land in neighborhoods and cities seeking a cultural revolution. This Pop Up Museum Enterprise takes root in diverse communities, energizes its residents by collecting documenting and sharing the stories of local “colored girls “ as told through objects and arty-facts they chose to submit which have personal significance and historic value to the Colored Girl. Objects are received curated and presented by a collective of local artist, into a Colored Girls Home or institution who has agreed to have her/their space transformed into A Museum and cultural center. The Museum becomes a living document a staging ground and the flashpoint – for community engagement, education, celebration and the advancement of civic and cultural pride. The Museum is an active actor in a communities rehabilitation –it is historian and minister—one room school house and general store. The First Colored Girls Museum event took place in Philadelphia in the 2015 Philadelphia FringeArts Festival converting its author’s (Vashti DuBois’s home) into the Headquarters for the Colored Girls Museum.

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