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CAUTION Theatre Co.

Sept 14-16 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


URBN Center Black Box TheaterMap

In trying to escape the skeletons in his closet, John comes face-to-face with his guiltiest pleasures, forcing him to reflect on his darkest flaws and vices. As he tries to save himself on his journey to personal holiness, how is he to escape the insanity of an eternal torment of the things he once CRAVED?

$10 / 65 minutes








CAUTION Theatre Company is dedicated to creating theatre that challenges audiences to explore the deepest realms of human expression and connection. Through our commitment to creating interdisciplinary performances, CAUTION creates unique, visceral theatre experiences which serve as social commentary and evoke feelings of both nostalgia and revelation. By using an expressionist approach to devise brand new works, as well as develop existing ones, the performances produced by CAUTION Theatre Co. pave the way for a new realm of theatre which uses every part of the human experience to embody the expression of life.

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