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Svaha Theatre

Sept 9-13 2016

Runtime TBA


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Crave_Svaha Theatre

Pictured: Jessica Otterbine     Credit: Rebecca Cureton

Sarah Kane’s “text for performance” explores the destructive power of love, and the painful truth of what it means to be alive. In this movement-inspired production, four performers will test the limits of the human psyche. Addictive longing contorts the body as each craves to find wholeness, but is it attainable?

$10 / 55 minutes



Pictured: Patrick McAndrew, Jessica Otterbine, Dan Cullen     Credit: Rebecca Cureton

Svaha Theatre ignites bold topics with daring theatrical movement. They strive to mine the depths of the human body and psyche through highly physical and experimental interpretations of text that test the limits and reveal the infinite possibility that lies within the human soul. Svaha means “into the fire” and that is our mantra as we dive into every new production. The company was founded by Elise D’Avella in 2016 while she was workshopping Sarah Kane’s Crave for her Graduate Directing Thesis and exploring new ways to produce theatre with an emphasis on the physical body. The company uses Viewpoints and the system of Theodoros Terzopoulos to develop their highly movement inspired productions.

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