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Events The Currency of Belief: Trapeze and Spiritual Comedy

The Currency of Belief: Trapeze and Spiritual Comedy

Noa Schnitzer

September 9 at 5:30pm

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

Christ Church Neighborhood HouseMap

A girl’s quest to understand her connection to Jewish mysticism and prayer and the cultural restrictions that keep her from it. Breath deep and let it enter all your darkened nooks and crevices as this one woman show guides you and your breath into a world of circus arts prose. A  patchwork of poetic vignettes,  and comedic characters that risk nothing but honesty to bring stark intimacy into the audience experience.  This quest is brought to life through aerial acrobatics, dance, clowning, shadow puppetry, light, dark and the humanity that connects us all.  

Learn more about this show from its performer and co-creator, Noa Schnitzer, over at the FringeArts Blog.

Directed by  Deana Fleysher

Created by Deanna Fleysher and Noa Schnitzer

Shadow Puppets by Heather Dawn Sparks

Performed by Noa Schnitzer

$15 / 40 minutes

Noa is a performance maker. She first embarked on her journey as a performing artist at Sandciel School of Dance and Circus Arts in Israel. Inspired by the endless possibility of expression and the rigor of movement through tension and release , Noa unlocked her passion for trapeze and dance, going on to perform her creations and the compositions of others across a vibrant tapestry of quaint homes, seedy bars and echoing theaters. Noa’s work on the trapeze has compelled her art far and wide, as she entertained the invitation of On Contemporary Circus Creations, Archaos, Tall House Arts Consortium, The Acrobatic Conundrum and others across the US, Israel, France, Argentina, and Brazil. Harnessing the power of raw creativity, Noa maintains the spark of curiosity expressed in her fascination with bodies and their meeting points with one another and the world. Her work fleshes out new grounds for honest dialog on growth, definitions and what it’s like to be human. A recent addition to Philadelphia from Seattle, where she performed locally and taught aerial acrobatics and Pilates.



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