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Events Cut on the Bias

Cut on the Bias

Katie Horton and Artists

Sept 14 - 15 2015

Runtime TBA


The CollectiveMap

Wheelchair Accessible

Performance of Katie Horton's "the four seasons" at St. Francis de Sales church in West Philly for the 2014 Fringe Festival. photo © Jacques-Jean Tiziou JJ Tiziou Photography /

A compilation of short works by various up-and-comers exploring the margins, outskirts, fringe, periphery, and how we understand and react to it.

$12 / 70 minutes

Katie Horton and artists is a shifting group of like-minded collaborators interested in exploring and sharing ideas, experiences and movement styles. We aim to make relevant work that sparks conversations and continues making meaningful connections between artists and audiences.
Sean Thomas Boyt’s works can be seen here:


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