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Dance Explosion

Rachel Camp + Emcee Elroy

Sept 16

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA


It’s the 21st Festival and we’re finally old enough to drink, so come dance with us because this party is gonna be the bomb!

Rachel Camp is a Philadelphia-born actress, singer, dancer, musician, and teaching artist. She graduated from Montclair State University with a B.F.A. in theater, and since graduating has proceeded to work regionally in musicals, contemporary dramas, devised original work, classical comedies, and shows for young audiences. She is an established performer and teaching artist, a joyful collaborator, and a dedicated community member.

Emcee Elroy a Philadelphia-based party DJ here to meet all your celebratory party needs. Whether it’s getting down and dirty with friends at a house party, dancing in the street with strangers at an outdoor festival, or shaking it out with your extended family and your new in-laws at your wedding, he brings the music and the fun.

Genres I play a lot: pop, alternative, indie, hip-hop, electronic, Milli Vanilli.

Genres I don’t play very often: doom metal, baroque, industrial, calypso, country that isn’t hilarious, elevator music.


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