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Dissever My Soul

Lone Brick Theatre Company

Sept 4 - 19 2015

Runtime TBA


Historic Rittenhouse TownMap

Dissever My Soul_ Lone Brick THeater Co“The Red Death held sway over all”… even its creator. Opposed by the characters that people his work, Edgar Allan Poe unravels the mysteries of life and death through the very words he penned to overcome the forces that keep him from his lost love, Virginia. A love story only America’s master of horror could tell.

$15 / 90 minutes

Lisa Loomer’s Distracted Gina; Gionfriddo’s1585-298aefd0434aecb7d1d48acf237ebb2a U.S. Drag Lysistrata: A Burlesque Cabaret; Steve Yockey’s very still and hard to see; Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Shadow Cast. Lone Brick Theatre is Widener University’s resident theatre company dedicated to producing non-traditional theatre through innovative scripts, staging, directing, and performance. Drawing from the talent and ingenuity of Widener’s students, faculty, and staff alike, the company also seeks to give a creative voice to the rich diversity of the campus community while broadening the traditional role of theatre as a humanities discipline by actively seeking venues for cross-disciplinary collaboration.






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