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Eat Me Baladi

Mette Loulou von Kohl & Leila Delicious

September 12-18

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September 12 at 7:30pm

September 13 at 7:30pm

September 14 at 5:30pm

September 18 at 4:00pm

2022 Fringe Festival



Icebox Project Space

Wheelchair Accessible

An evening of two artistic explorations that investigate the intersections between sexuality, sensuality, and Palestinian identity through the body, movement/dance and food. Leila Delicious & Mette Loulou von Kohl will share their works in conversation to probe the spaces of dissonance and familiarity between their individual experiences in relating to their bodies as Palestininans.


For ages 21+ only

This show is presented as part of Cannonball Festival, Philly’s artist-centered performance hub, packing in 65+ full length shows and 300 performances in two nearby venues. Discover risk-taking theater, dance, circus, music, and comedy alongside a vibrant garden bar with a free nightly cabaret, pop-up events, workshops, artist talkbacks, and more. September 1–30 at the Maas Building (1320 N 5th St) and Icebox Project Space (1400 N American St). Learn more at

Content Considerations

This performance contains frequent or prolonged graphic nudity and strobe lights.


Health & Safety

Proof of vaccination is required to attend this event, and masks must be worn for the duration of the performance. Audience members will be asked to show proof of vaccination before entering the venue. Both digital and physical proof of vaccination are accepted. Please plan accordingly.




Leila Delicious: Performer, Mette Loulou von Kohl: Performer


About the Artist

Leila Delicious is a burlesque artist whose creations explore Palestinian decadence and force space for the fragmented identities of levant Arab youth. Her insatiable hunger for food, touch and pleasure is always met with indulgence. Sensual bliss and ease is the forefront of her work, for herself and the ancestors who have come before her. You have never seen Palestitties like these.

Mette Loulou (she/her) was born from the orange at the center before the new world came. She is a queer femme, of Lebanese/Palestinian and Danish ancestry. She has lived in New York, Romania, Morocco, Denmark and England. Mette Loulou is fascinated by the intersection between her personal identities as a jumping off point to reveal, dismantle and rebuild realities and dreams. She grapples with her past to complicate and better understand her present. Mette Loulou weaves movement, words, and objects into the exploration of her embodied histories. She exists in two places at once.